Future of Museum

The heritage sector is evolving. With the advent of digitization and technological advancement, museums are expected to be more interactive and independent. Museums have been having a predominant role in illustrating identity and cultural diversity within their respective social strata. However, with the new phenomena affecting worldwide travel, most of the museums around the world were closed, lest be said, paralysed from social activity. Museums like Louvre de Paris and Musée D’Orsay, were able to innovate through social platform, offering other digital services in order to have a continuity in providing access to culture.

In the light of the above, Museums around the started anticipating moves towards digitization on online platform, allowing users around the world to interact. This interaction allows museums to be open to a larger range of audience which would be difficult to reach if same was applied for face-to-face session. The participative session allows audiences around the world to connect. This interconnectedness confirmed the need for museums to be more innovative and interactive in the future.

Any good museum should have constant innovation, and new interactive methodology, which plays an integral role in assuring that the aims and objectives of the museum is being portrayed. However, should it be concluded that Mauritian Museums were unable to ensure such viability.

While internationally recognized museums are switching towards technological progress with constant innovation, why are Mauritian Museums left behind?

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