Revisiting the Past, through Memories, Experience & Innovation

IOASH - Projet 2025 is a social initiative, designed by Young Graduates from the History and Political Science Department of University of Mauritius. It all started with an idea for innovation and reimagination. Heritage as we know, has been passed down from generation to generation through school text books. By reimagining this methodology, we are presenting IOASH Projet 2025 which is a non profit project for the sole purpose of revisiting the past and opening the doors of our heritage to a global platform.

The objects are: 

1.1 to promote research and/or any activities in relation to the promotion of shared heritage, history, culture and artistic diversity;

1.2 to assist any organisation and/or institutions as required in research and development;

1.3 to maintain a digital repository of any documentations in relation to technical reports undertaken by the association;

1.4 to advocate for sustainability and implement any initiatives for social activities and welfare by aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals; and


1.5 to do all such things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

What People Say

Dadas - 

The upcoming  generations need to know.

Many thanks for sharing.

Michele - 

Thank you for these snippets of history.

Through this platform, we are learning about our roots and melting pot identity from Mauritians themselves. 

Feeling grateful.

Sanjeev - 

Thank you for all the researches you've carried out.


A great piece of history which should not be forgotten. 


Keshaw Audit


Keshaw initiated the project alongside a few collaborators. Holder of a BA (Hons) History, Heritage & Cultural Tourism, he is a passionate of local history, heritage and cultural diversity. Keshaw often volunteers in research project with external stakeholders in Slavery and Indenture. He leads the social initiative and assists as the Analyst for the project. 

Nivesha Nunkoo

Research | Artistic Analyst

Nivesha is a holder of BA(Hons) History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism. Fascinated by nature, she is a poetic writer with the flair of an artist. She assists the team as the Artistic and Research analyst. Her poems are well crafted through her inspirations for  the past. Through her poems, you can learn about the past.

Tushtee Gopaul

Research | Content Analyst

Tushtee is a holder of BA(Hons) History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism. She is fascinated by historical and heritage components which are of importance. Her writings are often related to historical contents unknown to the general public.

Mindy Lararodeuses

Research | Supporting Member

Mindy is a holder of BA(Hons)  History and Political Science. She has a vaste experience in heritage administration and NGO admin. Her expertise helps in the growth of the team.


Kumaressen Soobhen


Kumaressen, initiated the project along with Keshaw. Holder of a BA(Hons) History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism, he is  a passionate of art and local history. Member of the CRSI, he is an independent researcher. As the Folio Lead, he leads the research and Digital Media Team. 

Bhavna D. Rama

Research | Content Analyst

Bhavna is a holder of BA(Hons) History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism. She is fascinated by Bharatnatyam and  equestrian sport. She volunteers in various cultural events. She assists the team as the Content and Research analyst. Her stories are crafted diligently through her creativity. 

T. Nobin

Research | Quality Assessor

T. Nobin is a holder of BA(Hons) History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism. She assists the team as the quality assessor, ensuring that each content is according to the standard and historiographical frameworks.